Wednesday, February 17, 2016

As simple as Love.

To Love someone is to pull them in close on their best of days and even closer on their worst.In all of the poor decisions I've made,God was always there with me; even if I disappointed him. Not once did he turn his back against me.He never told me I was different or ruined, and He never once saw me unclean. God always forgives and never holds against. Perfection does not exist on this earth. We are always learning, and despite knowing what is good and right for us we still stand on the cliff of our will and jump off every once and awhile. Despite all my sin, God still Forgives. Not only does He forgive, He pulls me in during the winds of my weakness and draws closer to me. He invites me into His house; He talks with me and believes the best of me.  He gets me back on my feet and inspires me to start new again. This is possible because of Love. I don’t like boxing myself in and saying… As “Christians” we should be living a life of loving others. We should want to live a life of Loving this way because we don’t deserve to be Loved unconditionally ourselves. So how can one judge another when they have been so freely loved and forgiven themselves without deserving such a thing? I want to be there for the ones closest to me, I want the people in my life to trust that I am there for them no matter what they are going through or where they came from. I want to treat others the way I would want another to treat me. That is to be pulled in close on my best of days, and even closer on my worst.


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