Monday, January 31, 2011

My Motive.

My Motive-

Life has been tossing me aside with it's heavy winds and rain so cold it makes my bones feel like ice. My alarm attempts to wake me up at 7a.m. but I'll snooze till 8, and when I do finally wake I peel my To-Do list off my forehead to see what the day consists of. Brush my teeth,fix my fro...then I'm out the door. Meeting, meeting, another meeting, paper, babysit, coffee break, class, read this, read that, learn how to do this, learn how to do that, it never ends.
I quite often ask myself why?
It's not that I enjoy stretching myself till I'm as thin as a fat free Milano cookie. I desire to do the things of my heart and to get there I believe I must develop my character first. I don't think I knew what time management was before college. I don't believe my integrity had truly been tested until last year when I cheated on my first test and I had to confess my mistake before my teacher.
I don't think I would be the person I'm becoming without my motive.
My Motive- To live the life he has set out for me, and to take on the responsibility of the calling on my life. It doesn't happen over night...

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Island

I found myself on The Island with no map to get back.
I didn't know how or why I was there. I searched desperately to find a way off but noting looked promising... so I built myself a shelter on The Island.

Another week went by and I was still striving for a way out...
now my shelter had become my home.

I accepted my presence on The Island and began to learn.

I began to see The Island no longer as a place to escape, but a place of escape.
I saw The Island and the goodness within it.

I ate the fruit within The Island which kept me alive and well.
I became acquainted with the people who taught me more about The Island than I could see.

The people showed me the way they lived and th
e struggles which had brought them to where they had now stood, and I began to see the Beauty emerge from within them.
...The Island became apart of me.
I had tried with everything in me to leave, to avoid something I wasn't comfortable with, but it turned into something I never saw coming. Something that challenged me, and I began to see just what he had planned out for me.