Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Journey through the Dark

I will just start by saying; it is not easy following God. To completely rely on someone you can't see or touch can be a little scary, especially when you find yourself moving with two bags to the biggest city in the US. The thing is, I would rather be doing what I think he's asking of me then question myself and become complacent. Although I have only been in New York for two weeks, I have never had to trust God more in my life. It feels as if he's only giving me a day at a time. Each day he takes me a step closer, if I choose to follow him. What if the life he has planned for me is a life where I don't know what to expect each day I live. My life and everything I do would have to acknowledge him first. The I think... Am I ok with living in the dark and walking blind, having security only in him, finding hope and opportunity completely in him? 

And I decided, yes I am ok with that, or else there is no way I would ever be doing what I'm doing now. 

So I want to encourage, and challenge you to: take a step into the dark, into not knowing what to expect, and trust God with those dreams and desires he is calling you to. The matter is, life is short, and you are here for a bigger picture. You are but a stroke of paint in his big portrait. So let loose and follow him.

This is a photo from the music Video White Owl by Josh Garrels, I would encourage you to watch it.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

O the places you'll go!

IT is probably one of the craziest feelings, what I am experiencing at this moment in my life. To not have any idea of where my head will peacefully fall asleep in the next few months is not the most comforting feeling. To be in a place of being uncomfortable is better than a place of being complacent. To be uncomfortable is where you must trust. You look around to see you have nothing, absolutely nothing. None of your little teddy bears or warm blankets are there next to you to keep you warm. You are all alone, and all you have to hold onto is the one who knows the most. To look ahead and see a blank canvas is so terrifying! I have no plans, no expectations.. I mean maybe a few, but nothing! This year.. I can honestly tell you I have no clue what’s to come. Instead of completely being paralyzed with fear, I might as well believe that he has himself wrapped around me, not letting me fall and will continue to guide me so sweetly just like he always has. I promise you, no matter how scared I am of not knowing, I promise you I will have a beautiful story to tell about what’s to come. No matter how hard it gets, or brave I will learn to be, deep down in me I know he’s got my back, not only that but he’s placed lanterns before all the steps I walk, he's already unlocked the doors that will opened, and he's unleashed the places in my heart for this time to come. Wake up and see the places you will go...