Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Simplicity Wins.

A devout life does bring wealth, but it's rich simplicity is being yourself before God
1Timothy 6:6

Life has multiple objectives to which we could designate our entire lives to. We spend a huge amount of our lives just trying to find those things which mean the most to us. Sometimes we obtain them and other times we don't. Money, Fame, Success, Happiness, Purpose, Solution. 

Living in Jackson has taken my rooted belief system of what equals success and has made me examine it in its entirety.
What does success look like? This objective is different to everyone.
 I have come to find that living in a small town  Happiness is alive here. People are content and proud of their lifestyles. They can't wait to get up in the morning and live life. Do they have the biggest homes and nicest cars, top notch careers... most of them don't. The biggest objective here is living a simple life to be able to enjoy the beauty which surrounds them.
 Why should we feel the pressures of what the world says success is when we may individually be the happiest we have ever been? 
Am I saying to not strive for greater things? I am saying to not live a life that gives life to others?
 Not at all...  I'm saying let's respect one another's objectives in life and support one another in those things, as long as they line up with the word of God.
We all have different seasons of life. You can't compare someone's life to another's. They will never look the same, we all walk different paths and those paths teach us what we need to know. God is the ultimate Guide so let's let him lead our lives and find contentment in the things he's placed in them for us to enjoy and dedicate ourselves to for that time. Make a difference in the atmosphere he has placed you



Luke 10:38-42