Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The pressure of change.


      It is quite hilarious when, you start a new season expecting it to go a specific way. The way in which YOU planned it to go. Then the next moment, you realize your uncomfortable, and you want things to be easy again.

This is where the Pressure of change is staring blankly into your face, asking whether or not your ready for the ride.
Change isn't easy, but from change growth occurs, and with new growth you become equipped, and when you become equipped...  

If it isn't hard, nothings moving. In your weakness he is made strong. In your weakness truth comes out, things in you are revealed that need change, that need pressure in order to get rid of. Let yourself be uncomfortable, let yourself grow, and let yourself be all you were meant to be. You could be the one responsible for holding yourself down. Get out of your way