Saturday, June 25, 2011

Like a child...

When was the moment in which we stopped thinking as a child, where we stopped seeing things like a child. Was there a day in which we decided to take off our goggles of imagination and view the world with the naked eye. Don't you wish you could re-live thinking you could fly, or touch the sky. Although we might not have known the meaning, Belief was what we lived by when we were children. It was is our blood and soul. Everything we did came from this fountain of imagination that bubbled up inside spilling out and overflowing. Our imagination gave us the freedom to dream and explore without the fear of anyone taking it away. Our imagination guided us to the door of opportunity. Fall back into your treasure chest full of the imagination you once knew, to remind yourself of the place in which you once grew.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's in the seeking when you find who you are. A career can't define you, but only limit you're possibilities of all that's been planted inside of you. I've been sailing on this ship through a reckless storm, starving my self of rest, seeking for the answers of the future that awaits me... As if a career is the answer to all my questions. I am numb and feel stuck, trying to grip on to anything
just to feel a peace about my life. A thousand possibilities rush through my mind...and I am getting tired of trying, tired of controlling, and tired of having to know "what I'm going to do after school" I'm tired. So this is me giving up, giving it up to my friend who knows me all to well. He can have it all, every idea i've created my life to be. BUT, in return he will give me his peace and PERFECT will... and that's fine with me. now I can rest peacefully...