Saturday, November 8, 2014

Respectable pain

Pain comes and goes, it demands attention, and to be taken notice of. It can creep in or be fully known. You don't expect to see it, like the day you realize you lost your friend because he got married, or the guy you finally fall in love with breaks your heart. Or that you made the ultimate best friends but they're all scattered across the country. Or the day you come to terms that you messed up, Screwed up. That you made decisions you never thought you'd make. Or hurt people you never thought you'd hurt. You don't expect that, ever. Until one day your looking down on the floor trying to see straight, picking up all the broken pieces, and feeling the stabbing pain of each one. No one can tell you how to heal or prescribe the time it will take for the pain to surrender until you finally feel yourself again. The truth is, in most of these cases i knew better. I knew pain would come with my open and willing heart, but it was worth the relationships I let myself enter. Pain is apart of life and love is stronger than pain, Even if that love only lasted a moment. Some things are seasonal and some can last a lifetime. There are some things I wish I handled differently, more gracefully, more cautiously, more obediently. You love, you hurt, you learn, you change, you move forward and you eventually find something new. Pain produces growth but it must be felt, heard and released first before it will leave you alone. 

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